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Website Quick Launch Guide: Self-Fulfillment


Welcome to the Art Storefronts Family!


Below you will find detailed instructions, broken down into 23 steps, on how to set up your website to our best practices. To get started, click on one of the steps and you will be led to the article explaining how to complete the selected step. 


To complete these steps, you need to be logged in to your Art Storefronts Account. This article will walk you through the process of logging in and finding your Site Manager. How To: Access Your Account and Site Manager

If you get stuck on any of the steps, please do not hesitate to contact customer support team. This article will walk you through the correct correspondence for your questions: How To: Contact Customer Support



Step Description

Estimated Completion Time

1. Art Storefronts Terminology

Before proceeding, make sure to read this article to learn all the terms you will frequently hear in our documentation

5 - 15 Minutes

2. Enter Business Information

This Article will walk you through entering the Business Information to your Website.

5 Minutes

3. Create different Media Types to offer on your website

Next step is to create Media Types that you will be fulfilling. Those will be presented on your website as different material options for your Print Products

30 minutes - 1 Hour

6. Create Style Finishes and Print Options for your Art Print Store Products

Create Finishes and Print Options you want to offer for your media types

30 minutes - 1 hour

7. Create Frames for your Art Print Store Products

Enable or disable the frames you want offered on your site

30 minutes - 1 hour

4. Create Products for Sale on your Website

Here we will learn how to create Products for Sale on the Website.

 30 minutes - 1 hour

8. Set up general Info in your Art Print Store

Set up miscellaneous Art Print Store info

30 minutes

9. Set up your Product Galleries and your Homepage

Homepage is one of the Most important pages on your site, and we need to ensure that it is set up correctly. This article will show you how

30 minutes

10. Set up and Integrate MailChimp to your Art Storefronts Website

This article will walk you through the setup, integration and correct use of a mailing service called Mailchimp

30 minutes

11. Set Up Payment Gateway to Accept Payments on the Site

Next up, we need to enable a payment method on the site to allow customers to complete their purchases.

30 minutes

12. Run a Test Transaction

Test transaction is the only sure way to know that your Payment Gateway is working properly

10 minutes

14. Create Shipping Methods

Next up, you'll need to set up a custom Shipping Methods and add the correct shipping costs

15-20 minutes

15. Set Up Sales Taxes for Sales Made Through the Website 

Taxes are a big part of running a business, and we want to ensure that yours are set up correctly.

30-60 minutes

16.Upload Logo

In this guide, we'll cover how to add Logo images for different purposes on your website.

20 minutes

17. Select a Theme For Your Website

This article will walk you through selecting the appropriate theme for your Website.

5 minutes

18. Connect a Custom Domain

Here we'll cover setting up the customized address of your website, or custom domain.

30 minutes

19. Set up FAQ page

Set up Frequently Asked Questions/Policies page

5 mins

20. Set Up your About The Artist Page

About the artist page is one page where you can talk about your artistic journey, and bring yourself as an artist closer to your audience.

10-30 mins

21. Request a Technical Site Audit

Ask the support team to review your site to make sure it is ready to begin marketing.

5 minutes

22. Join the community

Join our Small Wins Facebook Group and our Discord Channel

5 minutes

23. Launch!

Congratulations on completing your website. You are now ready to start Marketing! This article will show you where and how to start!

1-2 Hours


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Extras and Additional Updates

Once you complete the basic setup of your website, you might want to look into adding a few "good-to-have" features as well. These features are not part of the 14 day guide, and are not crucial to website function, but serve as a way to further optimize your site and make sure you are using Art Storefronts Website to it's full capacity.

Feature Description Estimated Completion Time
Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Setting up these 2 integrations will help you track and analyze your traffic and effectiveness of your ads 30-60 mins
Order Bump and Upsell Products These 2 features are what we call "Revenue Boosters" as they have been very efficient in selling additional items on your site  10-30 mins



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