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How to setup Facebook Conversion API






The Conversions API allows us to send web events from our server directly to Facebook. Server events are linked to a pixel and are processed like browser pixel events.

This means that server events are used in measurement, reporting, and optimization in the same way as browser pixel events. Your ads become more stable and reporting more accurate.


IMPORTANT: The Conversions API will only work if you add at least one custom domain to your website and both your Pixel ID and User Access Token. 


Once you have entered in your Pixel ID and User Access Token, your website will automatically send eCommerce events like "AddToCart", "InitiateCheckout", and "Purchase" directly to Facebook.


NOTE: This does not mean that your ad events will be doubled. Conversions API is simply a support tool to help you gather more ad information from users


IMPORTANT: If you want to use Conversions API, you need to make sure that your site manager is not set up according to the old Facebook integration. You should remove all custom Facebook scripts from Site Settings > Scripts > Key Conversion Events tab as well as Site Settings > Scripts > Site-Wide tab. In order for your Conversions API to work properly, this step can not be missed. If you need help doing this, please fill out this form


Using Conversions API is optional - if you don't want us to sent web events, leave the User Access Token field blank.



Enabling Conversions API


First you need to make sure you have the Facebook Pixel correctly integrated in your website. If you are not sure how to do that, here are instructions on how to add you Pixel ID to your website.


After the Pixel ID has been added to the website, the next step is to obtain the User Access Token. 


  1. First, log in with your Facebook account then head over to Facebook Business Settings where you have the Pixel ID setup.

    NOTE: This would require owner privileges to generate access tokens. It will not work with other roles even with Admin access so make sure your Facebook business account is under your ownership.


  2. Navigate to Data Sources > Pixels. Click on the Pixel for which you would like to generate a User Access Token. Make sure the Pixel ID matches the one you have on your website. Then click on Open in Event Manager page.


  3. On the Events Manager page. Click on the Settings tab, scroll down until you see Set up manually then click on Generate access token.


  4. Now that we have the User Access Token, simply double click to copy.


  5. Next, navigate to your Site Manager, then open the Jump to menu and select Integrations.


  6. Scroll down to the Facebook Conversion API section, and paste the code you just copied into the  Access Token field. Click on Update button at the bottom right corner, wait for a few moments and you should have Facebook Conversion API running!

    IMPORTANT: If you do not see Access Token field here, it means you have not added a custom domain to your website. Please review [Master Article] [For Everyone] How To: Set Up Custom Domains to add the custom domain or use this Custom Domain Form to send us your custom domain login details and we can set this up for you.



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