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[Self Fulfilled] How To: Use Smart Pricing for your Self Fulfilled Mediums


All across the Art Storefronts platform, you will be prompted to set prices for some things. This can include your media types, style finishes, and frames. On top of multiple areas where you will need to add pricing, Art Storefronts also offers two different types of pricing.  In this article, we’ll be focusing on Smart Pricing. If you want to learn about setting a Fixed price, please see our article How To: Set Prices Using Fixed Pricing.


If you are an Artist using an Automated Fulfillment program, you will need to review our article How To: Set Up your Prices Using Mark-Ups as Fixed and Smart pricing will not be available for you on your website.


For our purposes today, we will be showing you how to use Smart Pricing with a media type. This pricing is more appropriate for printing companies. Here, you input size and price values in pairs in this format:


Size: 8x10 (do not put units of measurement)

Price/unit: 5.25 (do not put dollar signs)


If your product's size is an exact match, then the actual price per square foot will be used to calculate the final price. If the product's size is not an exact match, then our software will calculate the square feet of the product's size, find the closest size/price pair, and use that price per square foot.


Example: Let's say you have two size/price pairs, as follows:

8x10 = $20 per square unit

20x30 = $40 per square unit


If the size of your product is 18x24, our software will determine that this size is closest to the 20x30 size. It will therefore calculate the price using the $40 value.


If you want the media to equal a specific price and need some guidance, you can download our Excel Spreadsheet.


Please Note: Before you get started here, please make sure you remember and understand that the prices entered for Fixed pricing are the prices of just the media type. This DOES NOT include any costs for Style Finishes, Frames, etc.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and select the Art Print Store or Art Upload Store you want to work in. We will be using the store titled Upload Store.

  2. Click on the Media.

  3. Find the media you want to alter and click Edit. We’re going to be working on the media type named Canvas.

  4. Scroll down to the section labeled Pricing. In the drop-down menu for Type of Pricing, choose Smart.

  5. Next, you will see a section labeled Size and Price. This is where you can enter the sizes you are offering and the fixed price you would like to offer. You can list out as many sizes and prices as you would like.

  6. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Save.

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