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How To: Edit Your Design Using Custom Coding


Before you begin editing your design, we feel it is really important to understand what Art Storefronts capabilities are.  Please see Design Customization - Before You Begin.


Currently, there are two ways to edit your Art Storefronts design.  The first one is basic and allows you to make high level changes without needing to know how to code. If you would like more information on this method, please see our article How To: Use The Theme Editor (Edit Design Button).


The second option is to override the site’s default code (such as CSS and Javascript) with your own code.

Please Note: Our technical support agents will not be able to assist in writing, troubleshooting, or correcting any custom code that you implement. You can write the code yourself or hire a third party.



Before you add custom code, please see our article Everything You (And Your Developer) Needs To Know About Code Customization.  If you are hiring a third-party developer, you will want to send them this link.  If they are a professional developer, they should not need anything else in order to customize your design.  This page will also provide them with information about what they can do, and what they cannot do, in the platform. 


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and click on the tab labeled Themes.

  2. Find the Theme you want to use and click on the button that says Copy.

  3. Next, click on the tab titled Your Themes.

  4. Click on the Edit.

  5. Click on the button labeled Start Editing.

  6. The first tab that you can edit is CSS. This is where you can change fonts and colours for your Art Storefronts website. If you make changes, be sure to press Save.

  7. Next, you can click on the tab labeled JS and this is where Javascript can be entered for your site. If you make changes, be sure to press Save.

  8. Next is the section where you can alter the HTML on your site. If you make changes, be sure to press Save.

  9. Email CSS is the section in which you can change the style and design of the e-mails that are sent out from your account. If you make changes, be sure to press Save.

  10. On the Dependent Images tab, you can upload images that you want to use within your layout (CSS and HTML).

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