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[Master Article] [Self Fulfillment] How To: Set Up Shipping


Whether you’re a Fulfilling and Shipping your own Prints or an Artist using Automated Fulfillment to sell things like Originals or Standard Products, you’re going to need to set up shipping methods on your website. Charging for shipping is a standard practice in the online market space and as such Art Storefronts offers several different options regarding shipping. We suggest opening a business account with UPS or FedEx because the business rates are much cheaper than the public rates. 


In this article, we’ll give you a brief overview of the options we offer as well as a few insights into the platform and how to complete specific shipping tasks.


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Before you get started on creating shipping methods, you’ll need to make the decision about whether you want to ship packages internationally.


Because this is such an important decision, Art Storefronts has an entire article dedicated to the topic.

After you’ve decided about shipping internationally, you may want to look in to setting up shipping zones.


Shipping Zones are an easy way to divide out countries and charge different amounts for shipping. For instance, if you live in California, it will cost you more to ship to the East Coast than to someone in California.

Now, it’s time to start setting up your shipping methods! There are several different options you can choose from (though we only recommend using one at a time).


The first is Shipping by Weight. This allows you to calculate shipping cost by the weight of the order.


The second is Shipping by Cart Subtotal. This allows you to create a flat rate for shipping costs based on the cost of the customers’ cart.


The third way is an In-Store Pick-Up. This should only apply to people who live in the same state for you (if that state isn’t huge like Texas or California). This option should be used with extreme caution.

Finally, you can also offer free shipping options on your website if you want to remove the shipping costs in specific instances. This should also be used with extreme caution.


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