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How To Check The Status Of An Order




The Orders page

Start from the site manager, and from the Jump To click on Orders



  1. This page is where you’ll find all the information about orders which have been placed on your site, either by your customers or yourself, along with information about fulfillment orders from your vendor partner if your site is unfulfilled, and a tab where you can retry any orders which have failed because of unpaid vendor fees.

    This first tab, All Orders, shows all information about orders placed through the site.


  2. The second tab, Self Made Orders, shows all orders which you have placed through the Site Manager directly, as opposed to being placed through your live site. Any wholesale orders you place will be found here.


  3. The next tab, Vendor Purchases, is only displayed if your site is on an auto-fulfilled plan, and is connected to a vendor. If your site is completely self-fulfilled, this tab won’t be displayed. If your site is connected to a vendor, the fulfillment orders for each auto-fulfilled order through the site or any self-made orders you’ve placed will be displayed here.

  4. The last tab, Orders With Unpaid Fees, allows you to retry any orders which have failed because your credit card on file has been declined when paying for the fulfillment cost (if the order is auto-fulfilled) or transaction fees on an order. This usually occurs where your credit card on file has insufficient funds to cover the charges; from here (after making sure you have sufficient funds available on the card) you can retry the transaction.


Checking the status of a Fulfillment Order

  1. With the Orders section of the Site Manager open, click on the Vendor Purchases tab. You’ll see a list of all fulfillment orders placed with your vendor.


  2. The first column, Vendor Purchase Order No., won’t be displayed on your site, but this is information that is available to support agents. The other columns will be displayed, however.


  3. The Originating Order No. links to either the order placed by your customer on the live site, or to a placeholder order if the order was self-made and you placed it through the Site Manager.

    Customer Name, Date, and Total are populated from the order which was placed. Vendor Purchase Paid?, Vendor Purchase Order Status, and Originating Order Status are set based on the status of the fulfillment order, and Order Status will be updated by the vendor to show the status of the order (usually Received, Processing, or Shipped).


Note: This is where you check the status of the order.

  • Received” indicates that your vendor has received the order, but it has yet to begin production.
  • Processing” shows that the print or prints are in production, and this is going to be the longest stage of the process.
  • We are unable to give you an estimated production date from this, as only the vendor can check at which stage in the production queue the order is “Shipped” means that the order has been completed, and has been picked up by the shipping company, and a notification email will be sent to the email of the contact which placed the order (which will be you, if this was a self made order) containing a tracking number which can be used to track the status of this delivery.


  1. The Pencil Icon is where you can view the invoice for the order, and just to the right is where the Retry Charge button is displayed to allow you to attempt to retry the transaction if the vendor purchase has failed due to insufficient funds.


Understanding the fulfillment invoice

There are several different areas of the invoice that you receive.



  1. At the top of the invoice you’ll find the Vendor Order number, which is different to the order number that is generated on your site. This is the order number which your vendor would use to look up the order to check on its status in their system. You’ll also see the date on which it was placed, and whether it has been paid. Further down the page you’ll see the Billing and Shipping addresses.


  2. The next section contains the details of the individual prints in the order, along with the subtotal, shipping, and total of the order.


  3. The last section shows the status of the order, with the oldest update at the bottom of the list and most recent at the top. In most cases you’ll have three entries: the oldest showing that payment has been processed, next showing when the order was put into your vendor’s system, and the last showing the order has been completed and shipped and will also contain a tracking number and link which allow you to track the delivery.



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