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List of Facebook Pixel Conversion Events



Of the standard Pixel conversions provided by Facebook, we have integrated the following nine.


 Event Name  Event Description
 AddToCart  This is when a visitor has added a product to the cart.
 AddToWishlist  When a visitor has added a product to their Favorites.
 FindLocation Initiated when a visitor has been on your site for more than ten seconds.
 InitiateCheckout When a visitor has clicked on the Checkout button, starting the checkout process.


Initiated when a visitor has entered their email into a form page and contact has been created.


Initiated when a visitor has met the criteria of both the Lead and FindLocation conversions. This conversion will not execute if the page a visitor is on is a Form page
 PageView  This is when any page is visited.
 Purchase Set when a customer has completed the checkout process and completed a purchase.
 ViewContent  Recorded when a customer views a product page.
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