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[Automated Fulfillment] How to: Create and use your Art Upload Store


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Hello everyone!

We are at the forefront of the "Upload & Print" technology and we wanted to share it with you!

To do so, we created the Upload Print Store!

Upload store is currently available only for Gold Plan members using Graphik Dimensions and Bay Photo as their fulfillment vendor.



One of the biggest reasons we wanted to make this available for you is so you can offer your customers that additional special feature that will differentiate you from the other artists on the market as well as provide you with an additional source of revenue.


How to create an Upload Store


Here is a detailed guide on how to create your upload store! Lets get started:

1. We start in your site manager (accessed from the drowdown menu, or when logging in)


2. Click on the "Add Page" button


3. Select the Store type and give it a name, I will use Upload your art! in my example


4. Once you click the create button, you will be brought to another page, where you select the store type. Select the Upload Store option and click create.


5. Now your Upload Store is created!


Once your Upload has been created, be sure to reset it to its default settings, in order to set everything according to Art Storefronts recommendations. You can do so by clicking the button located in the Info section, at the very beginning. In case you do not agree or like any of them, you can change them afterwards. 


6. It is also visible by default on your Website navigation menu.






How to adjust which media is available in your Upload Store

Here is a guide on how to adjust media types for your Upload Store

1. Select your Upload Store from the list in the Site Manager. On my site, it is called "Upload your art!"


2. Once your Upload Store is loaded, select the Media Tab.


3. Here you can turn on and off your desired media. Keep in mind, you are not able to adjust the styles or framing options. 





How to adjust pricing in your Upload Store

Here is a guide on how to adjust pricing for your Upload Store

1. Select your Upload Store from the list in the Site Manager. On my site, it is called "Upload your art!"


2. Once your Upload Store is loaded, select the Pricing tab.


3. Click the "Manage your Markups" button


4. Here, you can adjust the pricing based on your preferences.


[warning about the reset]

5. Once you are satisfied with the rates provided, don't forget to click the "Save" button





How your customers use the Upload Store

Once your customer enters the Upload Store, they will be greeted with a banner displaying the ordering process.

1. First they need to upload an image they would like to use. They can do so by selecting one from their own device or using the drag & drop system.


2. Once they select the image, they need to upload it by clicking the "Open" button


3. This will bring up the processing screen while the image is being uploaded


4. The uploaded image will appear below and once your customer clicks it, they will proceed to the next step


5. Next step will bring them to the size selection screen, where they can adjust the crop of the image as well


6. When they are satisfied with the selected sizes, as well as the image crop, they can proceed by clicking continue


7. Last step is media, style, and if needed, frame selection that works exactly like your default Art Print Store.





Frequently asked questions


- Can I create a coupon code that will work only for my upload store?

Yes, you can have a coupon specific for your Upload store, see the guide below.


1. Navigate to the Discount Coupons / Gift Cards section of your site from the Site Manager Jump to Menu


2. Click on the Add Coupon button to create your new coupon for Upload Store


3. For the next part, be sure select a Code based coupon(After the User enters a code), choose what your customers need to fill in as the code, what to apply the discount to (Shopping cart items) and what should the discount be based on (Quantities of all products within Specific Stores)


Please note that some of these settings can not be changed after creating a coupon,so make sure you have everything correct before hitting the Next button.

4. In the next part, you can refine and specify your coupon settings. First, make sure your coupon is set as available, has the code you specified previously and a description (description is optional and can be left blank should you chose so)


5. Following that, you can limit the duration for which your coupon will be available, by entering a start and end date for it (Default setting is 100 years).


6. Next up is the minimum cart subtotal requirement, which you can set based on your preference (our recommendation is to leave it a 0) and the number of redemptions per customer (Default should be set as 1 (per customer))


7. Afterwards, set what your discount should be based on (percentage or flat amount), as well as which store it should apply to (Upload store in this case)


8. For the final part, determine how your discount should apply, in the first column, place the number of items, and in the second column, the percentage amount for the discount (without % symbol). So for example, customer will buy one item, and that will grant them a discount of 15%. Should they choose to buy 2 items, that discount will increase to 18%. Keep in mind this is only an example and if you want a flat 15% discount, you would need just the first column as seen in this screenshot below.


9. Don't forget to click the Save button!







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