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[United States][Approved Fulfillment Vendor] Art Storefronts Prints by Graphik Dimensions




Contact Information

Phone Number: Please Email us directly
E-mail for Support:
City, State, Country2103 Brentwood St., High Point, NC 27263 

Customer Support Hours: 9 am CST- 5:30 pm CST Monday-Friday


Company Bio

  • Art Storefronts Prints is an extension of Art Storefronts, the all-in-one solution for photographers and artists to build a fine art business.
  • Art Storefronts Prints is a service wrapper on top of the best fine art printing companies and photo labs in the United States.  We do not do our own printing; instead we have pre-negotiated pricing, extremely high quality standards, quality-check-ups, and bring a new level of transparency to what you are buying.  
  • At Art Storefronts, we are completely transparent about what brand of printer, ink, and medium is used in your prints.  We want you to know this for several reasons:  
    • First, is to understand the price you are paying for the quality you are getting.  For example, while you can buy “canvas prints” in many places, there is a massive different between a fine art canvas print made on a Chinese imported canvas printed on an HP Latex printer that will likely fade or yellow on your customer’s wall vs. a print made on an archival, 100-year rated canvas printed on an Epson printer with 100-year rated inks.  Whenever you start comparing prices, you should find out exactly what you are getting. We are confident that we will be extremely competitive for the offering we provide.
    • Second, too many art printing companies hide the printer, medium, and inks they use to make prints.  While some may be transparent about certain media types (i.e. photo papers), they will hide information about others (this is especially true when it comes to canvas, but includes other media types).  This makes it much harder to understand what you are buying and whether you can stand behind your art. It also makes it hard to know whether you are being screwed, or just ripped off. You should be able to make an apples to apples comparison.
  • Our fulfillment vendors are held to a very high standard.  First, they are contractually obligated to specify the printer, media, and ink used.  The contract also limits them from being able to change any of these on you. For example, they cannot cut a corner by implementing a cheaper 3rd party ink that is no longer 100-year rated.  Simply put - No changes are allowed without our explicit approval.
  • In the end, all of this saves you time and hassle.  You can buy from Art Storefronts knowing we are doing all this work for you.  You can take advantage of competitive pricing and just have piece of mind to focus on growing your business.

Why choose Graphik Dimensions?

  • This is a beginning of a brand new fulfillment structure, where Art Storefronts has more control.
  • Better media types, better prices
  • Faster/better service.
  • Bringing a new level of transparency to fine art print fulfillment by exposing the printer type, ink type, media type.

For more information about our products and services, please visit our main website at


Minimum Required PPI

ASF Prints (Graphik Dimensions) requires a minimum of 72PPI on all images uploaded by Automated Fulfillment users.

Please note: These images must still be high-quality. Low-quality images will limit your print sizes to only small sizes.

File Preparation

  • Accepted file formats are JPG, PNG and TIFF. We recommend using JPG where possible.
  • 8-bit RGB files only.

To make sure your image file is in RGB, check the file info or image settings in your image editing program. Additionally, for optimum expected results make sure that your image file has an embedded Adobe RGB or sRGB color space profile. Please note, Graphik will honor the profile that is present in the image records and does not alter the coloration or auto-color-correct. If an uploaded image doesn't have an embedded profile, a standard sRGB profile will be added to the image in order to normalize it. For more information, please read Image File Specifications.

Pricing Sheet

Graphik Dimensions directly lists out the pricing structure on their Art Storefronts website with the most up to date information on pricing and medium offerings. To see that information, please see the Graphik Dimensions Pricing Sheet

Image File Specification

Graphik Dimensions uses quite specific image formats received from Art Storefronts website. Please stay updated with their most recent image specifications here: Image File Specification


Frequently Asked Questions

Who to contact? 

Art Storefronts has an entire team of customer support agents ready to answer any questions you have. To get the answers you need, please email


When will I receive my order?

We do our best to ensure your order arrives in a timely manner. In general, most frame orders are processed, produced and shipped within 2-3 business days - and typically arrive in 4-5 business days. Canvas orders are usually produced in 3-4 days, arriving in 5-6 business days. Next day and 2-day express shipping are available, however please note that these options will not affect processing time. You can upgrade to priority production for $9.50, creating expedited production of your order. International orders typically arrive within 6-10 business via USPS Priority Mail.

How are your frames shipped?

We ship our frames with a specially-designed packaging system that is superior to standard cardboard corners. The frame is bubble wrapped and bound to a cardboard suspension pad that allows two inches of space to cushion the frame within its shipping box.

Returns And Refunds

For a refund or replacement, please contact
Refunds are issued on a case by case basis and will take 7-10 days to process.

Can I cancel my order?  

We'll have more info on this very soon!

International Shipping: 

Do you ship orders outside the USA?

While we are based in the United States, we've happily shipped orders to a great number of non-U.S. destinations, for years. 
Please note, certain very heavy items require our special attention to get you the best shipping rates. We will contact you if the weight of your item requires special pricing. To find out more about the Shipping and Returns, click here: Shipping and Returns

International Delivery Times

In addition to our production time, International orders usually take 6-10 business days to many major markets for shipping. Typically, international orders ship USPS but we reserve the right to utilize other carriers such as UPS or FedEx depending on size & weight. To find out more about the Shipping and Returns, click here: Shipping and Returns

Want to know about orders to Canada?

Canadian shipments typically ship USPS, but we reserve the right to utilize other carriers such as UPS or FedEx depending on size & weight. All Canadian orders will include a NAFTA statement of declaration.

Taxes, Duties, Brokerage Fees and Tariffs

If taxes, duties, brokerage fees or tariffs are imposed by a destination country, then our customers will be responsible for those. For larger sized orders that can't be shipped via USPS to Canada, UPS or FedEx can be used instead to reduce brokerage fees or customers can use their own brokerage carrier. Standard brokerage rates will be used for business customers, but they may assign their own broker once they receive a customs notification.

Package Tracking

Package tracking capabilities vary depending on the method of shipment. All shipments will include a trackable customs declaration form.

Prices and Shipping Charges

All prices are calculated in United States Dollars (USD).


Can I ship to Canada/International/APO/FPO addresses?

Yes. Additional charges may apply. Items will be shipped USPS Priority International or FedEx, per request. See our shipping information for full details.


For further information please see our FAQ page.


Upload a Texas Resale Certificate

If you are a fulfillment artist located in Texas, and you are connected to Graphik Dimensions as your fulfillment vendor, you will want to upload your resale certificate.

Go to the Jump to menu > Tax Methods, and click on the second tab Tax Exemptions. This is where you can upload resale certificates to become Tax Exempt for your print fulfillment (i.e. your vendor purchases) with Art Storefronts. Upon uploading a resale certificate, the status will change to "In Review". The Art Storefronts team will try to approve or decline it within one week.





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