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How To: Set Up Your Custom Domain Name




How to connect your domain name to your ASF Site

WARNING: These steps should be followed exactly in order for your custom domain name to work correctly. If any of these settings are incorrect your domain will not function correctly and may cause issues with customers attempting to purchase art from your site.


Please note: If you intend to use a custom domain name from with your site this process is not optional but MANDATORY to complete.


How to connect your domain name to your ASF site

This section will explain how to connect your domain name to your site. The screenshots from WhoIs show the settings that are displayed for a new domain name; if you have had your domain name connected to another site there may be other settings displayed. If you have any trouble setting this up please don’t hesitate to contact us as so we can help you get it configured correctly.


Login to WhoIs


    1. Go to, click on Login on the menu bar, then on the Login button.
    2. Once you have logged on, you should be viewing the Admin page. To open the settings page for your domain, type your domain name into the Jump to Domain field and click on the button to the right.
    3. You will now be on the management page for your domain name.
    4. Scroll down until you see the DNS Management section and click on Manage DNS.
    5. This will bring up a new window where you need to sign into you account again in order to enable DNS Management for this domain name, but this step will only occur once. Once you have signed in again, you will be back on the Admin page. Enter your domain name into the Jump to Domain field again, and click on the button.
    6. Now scroll down again to the DNS Management section again, and click again on Manage DNS.



    1. This will open a new window where you can set the first record for your address name. Click on CNAME Records.
    2. Now click on Add CNAME Record
    3. Fill out these two fields:
      • Under Host Name enter www
      • Select the second “Values” section and enter
      Now click on Add Record.
    4. This should show up looking similar to what you will see on this page. You can then close this page and go back to the main management page for the domain name.

Setup 301 Redirect

    1. Now you will be selecting the Domain Forwarding section, which is right above the DNS Management section you opened previously.
    2. On the new window which opens, click on the Advanced Settings link.
    3. Fill out these sections exactly as follows.
      • Under Destination, make sure “http://” is selected in the first field, and put your domain name (starting with www) into the second field.
      • Ensure URL Masking is Off.
      • Sub Domain Forwarding and Path Forwarding should also be Off.
      Then click on Save.
    4. You should be back on the Domain Forward Service page, with settings similar to those shown in this screenshot. You can now close this window, and open your Site Manager to complete the setup process.

Login to Site Manager and enter domain name into Site Address

  1. Let’s start in the Site Manager, and click on the Site Address link.
  2. Now click on Add New.
  3. Now enter your domain name, and click on Create.
  4. Your domain name should now be set up, and should be working correctly within the next 24-48 hours. Until this process has completed, anybody visiting your domain name may experience errors (including SSL errors) or find the domain name is unreachable, but this should resolve itself once this process has been completed.
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