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How To: Edit your Footer with the On-Site Content Builder

  • Introduction
  • What is a Footer on your Art Storefronts website 
  • How to Edit your Footer using the On-Site Content Builder 



On every website, there should be a dedicated place where you can display all the important contact information like address, telephone no, social media links, and all the information that should be visible no matter which page are you visiting on the website. For this reason, Art Storefronts has enabled the option to have a Footer on your website where you can display all your important contact information and links.


What is a Footer on your Art Storefronts website? 

A Footer is an information box that appears at the bottom of your website and it is present no matter which page from your website has been opened. Generally, it can contain copyright information, contact information, and your social media links. To allow your Footer to really stand out, we have integrated it into the On-Site Content builder which you can use to update and make it sparkle with all your important info and links. This can be accessible to all users on the Art Storefronts platform.


Warning: While working on updating your Footer information using the On-Site Content builder, we would strongly recommend working with only one tab open, and avoid using multiple tabs, to be able to save correctly the changes done on the Footer. 


How to Edit your Footer using the On-Site Content Builder 

  1. On your site manager, click on the Header and Footer tab.


  2. Select the Footer tab. 


  3. In the first box, where it says Type of Content, change this to On-Site Content Builder.


  4. Make sure you click the blue Save button. 


  5. Now it is time to start editing your Footer and you can do that by clicking on the Click Here option which will take you to the front of your website. 


  6. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you should see your Footer with pre-filled information. This is just placeholder text to help guide you on the information that is required. 


  7. If you click on any section of the Footer, the Tool Bar Menu will appear which enables you to modify the selected block of Information.


  8. The Tool Bar Menu has several options : 

          a) Add-used to add different types of content to the selected block 

          b) Duplicate - used to duplicate the selected block

          c) Move up/ Move down-used to move the selected block up and down in the Footer space

          d) Settings- this is the most important option in the Tool Bar Menu where you can change the setup of the box, text etc.

          e) Delete- used to delete the selected box 

     9. If you click on the Settings option of the Tool Bar Menu, a window will appear on the right of the screen. Here you can modify several options for the selected box, like the color, spacing, border, text appearance, and a few more.  


     10. At the end, when you have done all the necessary changes to your Footer, please don't forget to click on SAVE CONTENT on the right side of the screen to apply those changes.


If you want to learn how to create a clickable link to your footer, you can get more information here: How To: Create Footer Links Using the On-site Content Builder
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