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How To: Create A Tax Method Based On Zip Codes


In several instances, you will need to charge taxes on the sales you make. Please be sure to refer to your state’s tax laws as we cannot advise you on when and where you will need to charge taxes. Any user on the Art storefronts platform can create a tax method.


Please Note: Technical Support cannot assist you with deciding what taxes to charge on your website. If you require guidance or assistance in figuring out what your specified taxes should be, we strongly advise contacting a CPA and speaking with them on the matter.


Please Note: If you are an artist using a Fulfillment Vendor such as Bay Photo or Print Partner, you still MUST set up your own tax methods. They will not be inherited from your Fulfillment Vendor.


  1. Log in to the Site Manager, and on the Jump To Menu select Tax Methods.
  2. Click on the button labeled +Add Tax Method.
  3. On this page the first option is a slider which is labelled Available. You can use this to enable and disable this tax method on your store.
  4. Now enter a descriptive Name for this method, keeping in mind that your customer will see this.
  5. In the next field you can add a longer description of the tax. Keep in mind customers will also see this.
  6. Internal Description is where you can enter a description which customers will not see.
  7. Next is Location Based On. Here you should select Zip in order to set up a tax method which will be applied to a specific group of zip codes.
  8. Rate is where you can set the Tax Rate that will be charged on orders from these zip codes.

    Note: You should enter the percentage here without a % sign.
  9. Under Include Shipping In Calculation, make sure it is set to False. Then click on Create.
  10. This will save your new and empty Tax Method and reload the page with new fields to be filled out.
  11. Scroll down to the section labeled Countries and select the country in which you wish to set up the zip codes for this method. (For my example I’m setting up the tax method to be applied within the United States)
  12. Now paste the list of zip codes into the Zip Codes field.

    Note: You must enter this with a comma separating each value, and without spaces or any other punctuation between the numbers. If you format this information incorrectly you may experience incorrect tax values being assigned to customers orders.
  13. Scroll down and click on Update and your Tax Method will now be set up, and will apply to orders on your website which come from the zip codes you have entered.
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