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How to display "Sold" stickers on products


It is now possible to display "Sold" stickers in product galleries to show graphically that products are no longer available to be purchased. This is a very simple process to enable, and is done as shown below.


  1. Start by opening your Site Manager.

  2. Now open the standard store that contains the products you wish to have showing “sold” stickers on. (If you have products in multiple standard stores which you wish to enable this for, you will need to do so individually for each standard store)

  3. Now click on the Info tab.

  4. Now scroll down until you find the setting for “Display Sold Label When Products Have Zero Inventory?” and switch this to True.

  5. Now when you view a product gallery containing a standard store product (such as an original) which has zero inventory in its product information, it will appear with the Sold sticker displayed on the product thumbnail, as shown here.
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