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Reference: System Variables for use in Conversion and Affiliate Tracking


This article lists the variables that Art Storefronts has surfaced on the "Order Confirmation" and "Thank You" pages which will allow you to track sales via affiliate tracking software. This is an advanced function and requires specific codes or coding to function. Please be aware that our technical staff do not write code and cannot assist with anything outside of what is listed in this article.

Warning: These variables are very specific in nature and cannot be altered. Our Technical Support Staff cannot troubleshoot 3rd party code issues (such as affiliate tracking software that isn't accepting the variables below), however, if the variables are providing incorrect information (such as $0.00 transaction amount) this is something we can look into, and work with our development team to correct.


Order Information
Variable Definition
{{ order.subtotal_before_discount }} The subtotal before discount, shipping, tax.
{{ order.subtotal_after_discount }} The subtotal after discount applied, but before shipping & tax.
{{ order.number }} This will display the number of the order that is unique to your website (recommended).
{{ }} This will display the internal ID of the order, unique to Art Storefronts.
{{ }} This will display the grand total of the order, after shipping, taxes, etc.
{{ order.shipping_total }} This will display the total shipping cost.
{{ order.tax_total }} This will display the order's total tax.


Please Note: The spaces inside of the variables MUST be present, or the variable will not transmit any information. You may copy/paste the above variables into the code as-is.
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