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How To: Add a Registration and/or Payment Form for Classes to your Art Storefronts Site


As an artist, you may find that you want to offer classes, lectures or other types of packages to your customers. To do this, Art Storefronts has taken the time to look through and choose the best event creation website for use with Art Storefronts.


After looking and reviewing several different sites, Eventbrite came out as the clear winner. Eventbrite will allow you to create an event that can be free or paid and it will also allow you the ability to embed the option to buy tickets on your Art Storefronts website.


  1. Make sure you have created your event on Eventbrite. When you’re sure you’ve created an event and you’re ready to embed it on your site, log in to Eventbrite and in the upper right-hand corner, you should see your name You’ll need to click on this.


  2. After you’ve clicked on your name, there will be a few different options, you need to find the one labeled Manage Events and click on it.


  3. You’re going to be taken to a page where each event you have created is listed. Find the event you want to use and click on it.


  4. On the next page, find the option, on the left-hand side, labeled Invite & Promote and click on it.


  5. The list is going to expand, and you’ll need to click on the option titled Website Integrations.


  6. The next page is where the integrations will be listed. Scroll down and you should see the option Add Checkout to Your Website and there’s a button labeled SHOW ME. Click on it.
    Please Note: To make this option available to you, you will have to upgrade your Eventbrite account. It doesn’t cost you anything upfront but be sure to read what it says before you decide if it’s something you want to do personally.


  7. If you scroll down on the next page, you’ll see a section titled Choose How Checkout Appears and there are two options. The one you want to choose is Embedded on the Page with your Content.


  8. After that, scroll down and find the option labeled Embed Code.


  9. Then, copy the code from the box.


  10. Open Art Storefronts in a new tab and select the page you want to embed the Eventbrite form on and click on it.
    Art Storefronts Tip: You may want to create a page specifically for the event so this isn’t randomly on a page without explanation.


  11. Once you’re on the page you want to add the embed code to, find the WYSIWYG editor you want to put the code in and click on the Source button.


  12. Paste the code in that section.


  13. Click the Save.


  14. Now, if you navigate to your Live Site, you should see the option for people to sign up for free events or purchase tickets for paid events.

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