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How To: Create Galleries Using Keywords as Clickable Categories


This page is commonly used as the homepage of your live site -- but for advanced users only. The keywords entered in the "Keywords" field will create "clickable categories" on your live site. A clickable category contains a cover image and a label such as "Beaches” and is just something your visitors can click on to take them to a different Product Gallery page that contains those images.


Warning: This article is for advanced users. It is more challenging than our recommended setup. Because of this, if you are a new user, you will not want to attempt to complete this process and instead should first look at How To: Create Categories with Specific Products from My Store Pages.


  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel. This is sometimes called the back-end of the site or the Site Manager. They all mean the same thing. Then, scroll down the page and find the button labeled +ADD PAGE. We need to create a new page to be used at the Home Page for your site.


  2. A new window will pop-up and the first section is labeled Name. You need to give this new page a name. You will need to enter a name in the box. The customer will see this page name.
    Art Storefronts Recommendation: We strongly suggest you name this page something like Shop Art. The reason we suggest this instead of Home is because Shop Art is a call to action. It tells your customer everything they’re going to need to know about where they can buy art on your site. It’s best if you follow our suggestion.


  3. Under Type of Page, you need to make sure you select the option labeled Product Gallery. While we already created Product Galleries, there are several different types of Product Gallery, so if you feel like you aren’t doing this properly, please don’t worry. This will be cleared up on the next page.


  4. Finally, click on the button labeled CREATE.


  5. You’ll be taken to another new page where you’re going to see several different types of Product Galleries There’s a section labeled ADVANCED and, in that section, you need to make sure you select the option named Keywords as Clickable Categories.


  6. After you’ve selected the appropriate option, click the button labeled CREATE.


  7. The next page that loads will be your Product Gallery that will be used as the home page and you need to make sure you’re on the tab labeled INFO.


  8. Scroll down the page until you find a section labeled Keywords. In this section, you will enter in a list of keywords that are separated by commas. The Keywords entered in the Keywords field will create Clickable Categories on your Live Site. A Clickable Category contains a cover image and a label. Your visitors can click on these categories and will be taken to a Product Gallery page that contains those images.
    Please Note: If you have Keywords that contain more than one word, you will need to replace the space with a hyphen. For example, we’re using Best Sellers as a category name. In this box, we would enter the Keyword as best-sellers.


  9. When you’re sure the Keywords you entered are correct and complete, click the Save


  10. Scroll to the top of the page and click on the button labeled PAGES.


  11. When you return to the list of your pages, scroll to the bottom of the pages and find the page you just created and hover over it. You should see an option labeled Make Home Page Click on this so you can set this as your home page.


  12. Now, drag and drop the page labeled Shop Art to the top of your page list.


  13. To make sure this is working properly, click on the button labeled View Live Site.


  14. Once you’re on the live site, on your home page, you should see your categories listed and ready to be populated.
    Art Storefronts Recommendation: After you complete this process, you should make sure you create Product Gallery pages for the categories you intend to include on the Home Page of your site. Check out the article How To: Create a Product Gallery Using Product by Keyword.



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