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Website Quick Launch Guide: Originals/Limited Editions Only


Welcome to the Art Storefronts Family

We want to make this easy! This is the easiest way to get your site launched. If you stray from this list, you could turn it into a longer project than it needs to be. We've made this guide to help you get live as fast as possible. Don't do things that don't matter. It looks minimal, but this is done on purpose. You want to get live and you want to do it quickly.

This list is only for Artists selling ONLY Limited Editions or Originals. Not sure if you're only selling Originals or Limited Editions? Email and our Support team will let you know. 

If you're ready to dive in, take a look below and if you get stuck, just let us know. Our support team will be able to answer any questions you have.



Step Description

Estimated Completion Time

1. Watch the Onboarding Webinar

You can watch these live or watch recordings

1-1.5 hours

2. Create a Standard Store

Create the store you need to upload your Originals to.

20 minutes

3. Create your Originals

Add your Originals to the Standard Store

1.5 – 2 hours (varies based on number of products

4. Set up your Home Page

Arrange your Home Page to display a gallery of subject matter categories

30 minutes-1 hour (varies based on number of images and categories)

5. Enter Business Information

Enter in your business information for use on your site.

5 minutes

6. Enable a Payment Gateway

To take payments you need a payment gateway on your site. Select one and set it up.

30-45 minutes (varies based on chosen gateway)

7. Run a Test Transaction

To make sure your payment gateway is properly set up, run a test transaction

20 minutes (requires additional set up)

8. Enable a Tax Method

If your area requires you to charge taxes, enable your tax methods

30 minutes

9. Enable a Shipping Method

Unless you are offering free shipping, you need to enable shipping methods for areas

1-1.5 hours (varies based on number of shipping types and complexity desired)

10. Connect a Custom Domain

Connect a custom domain to your site to reinforce your brand

30-45 minutes (varies based on complexity of registrar)

11. Ask for a Technical Site Audit

Ask the support team to review your site to make sure it is ready to begin marketing

5 minutes (the Audit may take 2-3 business days for the team to complete)

12. Join the Small Wins Facebook Group

The Facebook group does nothing but add value and help you navigate through marketing your site and running your business

5 minutes

13. New Website Giveaway

Launching your new website is a fantastic occasion to supercharge your list with fresh leads, and maybe even earn a new customer or two. 

1-2 Hours





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