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How To: Create a Selling Sheet


When selling in person you may find that you would like to have a very basic pricing sheet available to your potential customers. Art Storefronts has a feature called Selling Sheets that allow you to create the sheet and print it out or even send it via email in a PDF format.

Please Note: This feature ONLY works on Art Print Stores. 


Let’s Get Started:

  1. Please make sure you are logged into your Art Storefronts site.


  2. In your Site Manager, please scroll down to your Art Print Store Page


  3. Once your Art Print Store has loaded, you will find a couple of different options. In the Info tab, scroll down the page until you see Media Types For Selling Sheet Pdfs



  4. Here you can select the Media Types that you want to have in your Selling Sheets and click on Save


  5. Once the information has been saved, please go back to the Products tab in your Warehouse.


  6. Choose one of your products by clicking on the Edit link within your product.


  7. Towards your top right-hand side, you will find a button labelled Load Selling Sheets.


  8. Above it is a dropdown with two choices; Concise or Full.
    1. Concise Loading Sheets ONLY load the prices and sizes of the media types you chose in the Info Tab (Refer to Section 2)
    2. Full Loading Sheets load the prices and sizes of the media types you chose in the Info Tab with their respective Style Finishes. 


  9. Once you have chosen your Selling Sheet Type, click on the Load Selling Sheets button. A message will appear highlighting how you will get your Selling Sheet.


  10. An email will be sent to you with a download link to the Selling Sheet. Please find an example below:
    1. Concise Selling Sheet


    2. Full Selling Sheet


Please Note: 

  • It might take a few minutes for the Selling Sheet to get emailed to you. For each selling sheet you create, the platform will be taking into account:
    • Your Image Dimensions
    • Available sizes
    • Available Media types
    • Maximum and Minimum printable sizes on the selected media types
  • Selling Sheets DO NOT contain framing options

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