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Contact Information

Bay Photo Phone Number: 1-800-435-6686
E-mail for Support:
City, State, Country: Scott's Valley, California, United States
Customer Support Hours: 9 am CST- 5:30 pm CST Monday-Friday


Company Bio

Bay Photo Lab has a long history of innovative photographic printing and photofinishing services. Located in the coastal redwoods outside of Santa Cruz, California, we have been providing Professional Photographers and Artists with the highest quality printing and customer service for over 40 years. We are committed to providing personal attention and a wide range of products. We pride ourselves on our quality printing and fast delivery.

Bring your work to Bay Photo, and join the many Artists and Photographers who depend on us for outstanding quality, excellent value, and exceptional customer service.

Why choose Bay Photo Lab?

  • We provide quality work, exceptional service, and no-nonsense value.
  • We innovate and are continuously striving to bring great new products and value to our clients.
  • We use the finest equipment available.
  • We're here for you! Our friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated staff are experts in photography. We are available by phone, live chat, and email.
  • Our dedication to being on the leading edge is reflected by our commitment to digital technologies.
  • From our state-of-the-art lab in Scotts Valley, California, Bay Photo Lab ships to Photographers in the United States and around the world via UPS, FedEx or US Mail delivery services.

For more information about our products and services, please visit our main website at


Minimum Required PPI

Bay Photo requires a minimum of 72PPI on all images uploaded by Automated Fulfillment users.

Please note: These images must still be high-quality. Low-quality images will limit your print sizes to only small sizes.


File Preparation

  • Accepted file formats are JPG, TIFF, and PNG, but JPG is preferred.
  • 8-bit RGB files only
  • Embedded color space should be either sRGB or Adobe RGB.
    • Other color spaces can be embedded, but our processes may not be able to reproduce all the colors within larger gamuts, such as ProPhoto RGB.

Pricing Sheet

While Bay Photo does not directly list out the pricing structure on their Art Storefronts website, Art Storefronts has created a way for you to access a pricing sheet with the most up to date information on Bay's pricing and medium offerings. To see that information, please see the Bay Photo Pricing Sheet


Frequently Asked Questions

Who to contact at Bay? 

Bay Photo has an entire team of customer support agents ready to answer any questions you have. In the event you do not get the answers you need, please email

Is it possible to get studio samples? 

Yes, but you have to create an account on Bay Photo's retail site and order them directly through their site, as it's not possible to order them through your ASF site. For more information read this article: Do you offer Studio Samples?


Upload a Texas Resale Certificate

If you are a fulfillment artist located in Texas, and you are connected to Bay Photo as your fulfillment vendor, you will want to upload your resale certificate.

Go to the Jump to menu > Tax Methods, and click on the second tab Tax Exemptions. This is where you can upload resale certificates to become Tax Exempt for your print fulfillment (i.e. your vendor purchases) with Art Storefronts. Upon uploading a resale certificate, the status will change to "In Review". The Art Storefronts team will try to approve or decline it within one week.




Upload An Image for Shipping Label

With Bay Photo you can now upload an image to be used as a label on the outer box packaging.

This image will be printed as a small label that is affixed to the outer box packaging (i.e. the cardboard box).

All you need to do is upload your image into the fulfillment options section, as shown in the image below:


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