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How To: Upload Custom Frames To Your Art Storefronts Website


In this article, we are going to specifically address how to upload custom frames (that you have created) to your Art Storefronts store so that they will be available for purchase. If you are looking to learn how to create frames, or frames with mats, please review our article How To: Create A Custom Frame or How To: Create A Frame That Includes A Mat.


Please also remember that this article and feature can only be used by those who are Print Studios, Galleries or Self-Fulfilling Artists. Those who are Artists using Automated Fulfillment will not be able to create or upload custom frames to their Art Storefronts websites.



  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and click on your Store. In our example, we will be using an Art Print Store.

  2. Once in the Store, click on the tab labeled Frames.

  3. Click on the tab labeled Custom.

  4. Click on the button labeled Add Frame.

  5. Under Our Name, provide the frame with a descriptive name. Your customers will see this.

  6. Under Default Compatible Medium Types, put a check-mark next to the mediums that you would like to offer this specific frame on.

  7. Click Create & Continue.

  8. Under Availability, make sure the slider is set to On if you want the frame offered on your site.

  9. Under Our Name, you can change the name if you find it is not descriptive enough or incorrect.

  10. Under Type of Pricing you can choose between Fixed or Smart.

  11. Next, enter your Sizes and Prices for your frames.

  12. Under Manufacturer Product Name you can enter the name of the frame as set by the manufacturer. This is not a required field and if completed, the customer will not see it.

  13. Under Manufacturer Company Name you can enter the name of the company who makes the frame. This field is not required but if completed, the customer will not see it.

  14. Upload Image for CSS is where you will need to upload the Custom Frame you created in PhotoShop.

  15. Upload Image For Form is where you can upload a thumbnail of your frame.

  16. Tooltip Content is where you can enter a brief description of the frame itself.

  17. Available Sizes is where you can list out limited sizes for the frame. For example, if the frame you uploaded can only be used on images that are 8x10, 8x12 or 8x14 you would enter those in to the available sizes box.

  18. Min Length is where you can put the minimum length of the frame (in inches).

  19. Max Length is where you can put the maximum length of the frame (in inches).

  20. Default Compatible Medium Types is where you can change what mediums you want to offer the frame with.

  21. Inset For Framed Paper is where you can choose to offer an inset (from 0 inches to 4 inches) for paper.

  22. Width of One Side (In Inches) absolutely must be filled out or the frame may not work properly.

  23. Available in Other Stores can be set to true or false depending on whether you want to offer the frame in other stores.

  24. When you’re satisfied with your changes, click Save.

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