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How To: Manually Edit a Contact Via The Site Manager


You may find that you need to update a customer’s information because something has changed. Every artist on the Art Storefronts platform has the ability to edit each contact they have received.


  1. Log in to your Site Manager, and on the Jump To menu select Contacts.

  2. Find the contact you would like to edit and click on their name.

  3. The first tab is labeled Info.
    • Business Name: You can enter the business name, where applicable.
    • Phone-Business: You can change the customer’s business phone number.
    • Phone-Mobile: You can change the customer’s mobile phone number.
    • Phone-Home: You can change the customer’s home phone number.
    • Website Address: You can add or edit the customer’s website address.
    • Special Instructions For Packing Slip: This information will appear in a "Special Instructions" section of every single packing slip for this contact. It should be used to provide special instructions to your production team, such as "Include a Certificate of Authenticity".
    • Delete Contact: This will delete this contact from your contact list, and remove it completely from your site. If you do this, the contact cannot be restored.

      Please note: If you delete a contact this will remove it from your contact list on your site, but will not remove it from connected systems such as Mailchimp. You will need to manually remove the contact from your Mailchimp account

  4. Next is the User tab.
    • First Name: You can change the customer’s first name.
    • Last Name: You can change the customer’s last name.
    • Username: You can change the customer’s username, but we strongly advise against ever doing this.
    • E-mail: You can change the customer’s email, but we strongly advise against ever doing this.
    • Reset Password: You can set the customer’s password to something specific if they forget it and cannot access their e-mail.
    • Upload Resale Certificate: This is where you can upload a customer’s resale certificate which can be used for tax exemption.
    • Tax Exempt: You can choose whether or not the customer is tax exempt on your site. This is used in conjunction with the Resale Certificate.
    • Can Buy Wholesale: You can set whether or not the customer must pay your mark-ups. You should only enable this for your own account for wholesale orders.
  5. On the Favorites tab you can review any favorites saved by the contact.

  6. The Address tab is where you can change and review the customer’s addresses.
    • Entered By You: The address you entered for the customer.
    • Entered By The Customer: Addresses entered by the customer.

  7. On the Segments tab, you can select the segments a contact is a member of.

  8. On the Behavior tab, you have the ability to view data attached to the contact. Here you can view Detective data, any Uploads they have created (if you have an Art Upload Store on your site), their Orders, and any Unsold Carts they may have.
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