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How To: Import Contacts To Your Art Storefronts Website


If you have contact details, such as email address, first and last name, phone number, etc from other sources, you have the ability to import that list to the Contacts Manager of your Art Storefronts website. There are several import ways, depending on the number of contacts that range from a way to create a single contact, to generating several at a time, and in the end, you have the ability to upload a spreadsheet with as many contacts as you have. 


Please Note: In order to upload a spreadsheet and import your contacts in a bulk that way, you must use the attached spreadsheet format to upload your contacts. If your spreadsheet is not in the correct format, contacts will not upload correctly. You can download the example spreadsheet file in .csv format from this link.
Let's start by locating the Contacts section from the Jump To menu.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager, and in the Jump To Menu, select Contacts.

  2. From here, our options branch out into what we talked about above. You will see several buttons you can use to add new contact or contacts to your site

  3. Starting from the left to right, the first button, +ADD CONTACTS, will let you create an individual contact. This option is good for instances where you have one or two contacts to add. 


  4. Next option is ADD CONTACTS BY EMAIL. This will let you add multiple emails at once to your contacts list, and is very convenient when you have fresh batch of emails from Art Shows, or other similar ways of acquiring emails. 

  5. Once clicked on, this field will display an entry box you can use to input email addresses. To enter multiple emails here, just add them all at once, separated by a coma (,,, etc) 

  6. Once done, click on IMPORT. You should see the emails you entered in appear in the contacts list.

    Keep in mind that contacts added this way will only have email addresses, and any other info would need to be manually added for each contact. 
  7. Next option is DOWNLOAD CONTACTS. This will allow you to download a list of contacts from your site, in a spreadsheet .csv format. There are several filters you can apply to the list you'd wish to download, such as filter by a segment which is great to use for downloading contacts that are part of a certain promo, such as a giveaway for example.

  8. Once you specify the date range, and any additional filters, please click on the EXPORT option and the spreadsheet with your contacts will be sent to your account email. 
    Note: When exporting your contacts by a segment, make sure to consider the date the contact was created, not the date that they were added to the segment. Easiest option here is to just select a date some time ago to make sure to capture all of your contacts that are eligible for the filter. 
  9. Next option is Import Contacts. This is where you can import bulk spreadsheet with unlimited number of contacts. For this way of import, you'd need to use a specially formatted spreadsheet that the website can read correctly. The form template can be downloaded HERE>>


  10. When you have the .csv file, you can open it with any spreadsheet editor out there. We'd recommend google sheets for convenience.
  11. Once the sheet is ready, and saved on your machine, it's time to upload it to the site. For this, we need to select the Import Contacts option and select the spreadsheet from our Computer/mac.

  12. Click Open.

  13. You will receive a message that your contacts are Importing. You will receive an e-mail once the import has been completed.

  14. After receiving the completion e-mail, refresh the page, and you will see your New Contact(s).



Please Note: For your contacts to be Opted-In in Art Storefronts (which in turn marks your contact as Subscribed in Mailchimp), please ensure that your "Opted_In" column is filled with a valid Date. (In most cases, using the current date will be all you need)opted-in.jpg
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