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How To: Create A Legacy Billboard


Art Storefronts offers 2 types of slideshows for its customers. We have Legacy Billboards as well as Slippery Billboards. In this article we will be covering Legacy billboards. These are the older billboards that launched with Art Storefronts. We strongly advise against using a Billboard on your home page. If you decide to implement a Billboard, we recommend using images with the pixel dimensions around 1000px width and 400px height. This will keep your billboard at an appropriate size to still display your galleries. 


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and click on any page that you want to add a Billboard We will be working on the About page.

  2. Make sure that no matter what page you choose that your click on the tab labeled Info.

  3. Find the section labeled Billboard and click on the button labeled +Add.

  4. On the next page, make sure that you provide a Name to your Billboard.

  5. In the drop-down menu, make sure you select Legacy.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click on the Add Photos
    Please Note: DO NOT use more than five photos on your Billboard and DO NOT use high-resolution images as this will make your pages take much longer to load. Your images should have pixel dimensions around 1000px width and 400px height.

  8. Find the Photos you would like to use and Select.

  9. Click Open.

  10. The images will then be Uploaded and you can Drag and Drop them in any order you like.

  11. Next, click on the tab named Info.

  12. On the next page there is a section labeled Name. This can be used to change the name of the Billboard.

  13. Billboard Width is where you can change the width (length) of the Billboard. DO NOT change this to anything more than 960px.

  14. Billboard Height is where you can change the height of the Billboard. DO NOT change this to anything more than 640px.

  15. Duration of a Single Slide is how long a slide is display. This section is measured in MILISECONDS.

  16. Slideshow Transition Effects are effects that will change how the slides transition from one to the next.

  17. Duration Of Effect is the length of time it takes the selected effect to complete. You’ll want to make this the same length or shorter than the Duration of a Single Slide so that the effect can complete before moving on to the next image. If the effect does not complete, it can make your Billboard look jerky or buggy. This is also measured in MILISECONDS.

  18. Display Pager refers to a small image count underneath the Billboard to show how many images are in the slideshow. You can choose to display or not to display these icons.

  19. Display Previous and Next Buttons refers to small arrows to the left and right of the image that allows the customer to move between slides without having to wait for the effect or the slide to end.

  20. Display Callout refers to the Title and Description of the Image. If you would like to display this on your Billboard, you will select Yes and it will populate the text at the bottom of the image.

  21. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Save.



Below we’ve included some images on what a Legacy Billboard looks like on the front end of the website. This billboard will also have the previous and next buttons and the call-outs. We do have the pagers selected to display, but some themes will not show the pager items.

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