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How To: Use and Customize the Announcement Bar


If you have an announcement to make on your website Art Storefronts provides you with the ability to use an announcement bar. This can be used to provide announcements regarding shipping delays or information about upcoming events or tradeshows you may be attending.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on the tab labeled Header and Footer.


  2. Click the tab labeled Announcement Bar.


  3. Under Display you can choose Yes or No. This basically tells you whether or not the Announcement Bar will appear on your website.


  4. Should Appear After This Delay basically means that you can set a delay in regards to the Announcement Bar.


  5. Should Remain Fixed At Top? (Except On Mobile) is a setting that allows you to control how the announcement bar is displayed on desktop and mobile.

    Please note, this doesn't affect the announcement bar position if you're using a V3 theme on your site, only if you're using a V1 or V2 theme.

  6. If you are using multiple announcements Should switch announcement after this delay allows you to set how long each announcement will be visible to the website viewer, before the next announcement slides in

  7. If you are not using multiple announcements in you announcement bar, you can still Enable sliding for single announcement, by setting this option to Yes.

  8. The Announcement box is where you can enter in the information you want to relay to your customers. You can also make a number of edits in the Editor. If you need more information regarding how to use the Editor, please see How To: Use The Standard Editor.


  9. You can have up to 3 announcements on your website. If you would like to add a second or a third announcement, simply click on the Plus (+) icon.

  10. This will add a new tab, called Announcement No2 where you can now add your second announcement. 

  11. Add the text to the content field of Announcement No2 and click the Save button


  12. If you wish to remove a second or a third announcement, simply remove all content from them and click Save. This will reload the page, and all the empty announcement bars will disappear. 
  13. When you have completed your changes, click Save.



Lastly, if you would like to change the style (for example, the color) of the announcement bar, please see How To: Use The Theme Editor (Edit Design Button) 

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