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How To: Add Search Keywords To Products In An Art Print Store


If you’ve found yourself on this article it may mean you’ve completed all of the steps in  How To: Create A Product Gallery Using Keywords. This also means that you’re well on your way to having everything set up and ready for your customers to peruse.

Before we get in to the tutorial we’re going to use the store analogy again. Using Keywords with a Product Gallery is like building out your shelves and your displays. Adding Search Keywords (which we’re about to do) to images is basically going into your warehouse, picking out your stock and putting it on your shelves.

Prior to going through the tutorial below, please remember that Search Keywords in no way effect the SEO of your image. These keywords are used specifically when a customer searches for items on your site. These keywords are also used in the process of creating product galleries that use Keywords and Keywords as Categories as their display options. 


Now, if you’re ready to start stocking your shelves, please follow the tutorial below.

  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and find your Art Print Store and click on the page. In our example, we’ll be using our store titled Warehouse.


  2. Scroll down the page and click the Edit button on the image you intend to add Search Keywords to. For our example, we will be using Mountains.

  3. On the next page, scroll down until you see the section labeled Search Keywords. In this box, you need to enter in the keywords you want to use for the image. They must EXACTLY match the names of the categories on your home page. Because Alter Ego Trip is a photo of a musician on his own we’ll be tagging him as a Solo Artist. Since he is also in a band though, we’ll be tagging the image with Bands so it shows in both categories.
    Please Note: If you have a multi-word keyword you must use a hyphen instead of a space. If you use a space it will cause issues and the image may or may not populate properly.

  4. Once the Search Keywords have been entered, click Save.
    Please Note: You will need to add tags to each image that you want to show up in your categories. If you do not add tags to your images they may not appear in your categories.


  5. Once your images have been tagged, you can click on View Live Site.

  6. You should now see that your Keywords Gallery has been populated 

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