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How To: Upload Images Via the Standard Editor


When using the Standard Editor, we do provide you with the option to upload images if you would like to do so. This is available to all users on the Art Storefronts platform.

Please Note: If you have used your Theme Editor or Custom CSS that makes changes to text, text alignment, text colour or anything else those changes will always overwrite the changes made in the Standard Editor.

  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on the page where you want to work in the Standard Editor. For our purposes we will be using the Editor on the page named Shop Art.


  2. In the Editor, click on the button that looks like a mountain range. This is the Image button.

  3. A new screen will pop up and you will need to click on the Browse Server button.

  4. Another new screen will appear and you will want to click on the word Upload.

  5. Next, find the image you want to upload and click Open.

  6. Next, click the Image you just uploaded.

  7. In the Alternative Text area, you can put SEO information in that box if you would like.

  8. In the Width and Height boxes, you can set a specific width and height for the image, or you can remove the numbers and allow the ASF platform to resize the image for you.

    Please Note: Altering the image size may cause the image to appear distorted on your mobile site. If this happens, please remove the image and resize it to the desired width and height in a photo editor before uploading it again.

  9. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Okay.

  10. The image will be uploaded and you will want to click Save to make sure your changes save. 

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