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[Self Fulfillment] How To: Create An In-Store Pick-Up Option


If you want to offer your customers the option to pick their items up in-store, you can do so on the Art Storefronts platform. This option will only appear if the user enters an address in the same state as you. 

  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts account, and in the Jump To menu, select Shipping Methods.

  2. Click on the button labeled Add Shipping Method.

  3. Make sure the Available slider is On.

  4. Provide your Shipping Method with a Name

  5. In the Location-Based On section, make sure you choose State instead of Country.

  6. Click Next

  7. Force Local Tax must ON. This is intended explicitly for in-store pick-ups that will require local taxes.

  8. Available on Child Site must be turned off unless you are a Fulfillment Partner.

  9. The Internal Description section is not required but can be used to write a brief description that only you will see regarding this Shipping Method.

  10. The Description box can be filled with a brief description of the Shipping Method that your customer will see.

  11. In the Add States section, you will need to choose the state to which this in-store pick-up option will apply. In our example, we used Texas.

  12. Under Calculate Shipping Based On, you will want to choose Cart Subtotal.

  13. Under Amount By Cart Subtotal, you will need to enter a 0 in the Subtotal section and the Shipping Amount section.

  14. When you are finished, click Update, and the Shipping Method will be available on your site.

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