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How To: Create a Link Page


There are several ways to use Art Storefronts. Several customers choose to use it as their main website while others choose to use it as a bolt-on to a pre-existing site. Because of this, there may be times when you need to link to another website from your Art Storefronts site. To help facilitate this, Art Storefronts offer a Link Page type. This allows you to create an item in your navigation menu that will lead to a different website outside of your Art Storefronts website.


Please Note: While our Technical Support agents are capable of assisting you with the process of creating a Link Page on your Art Storefronts website, they will not be capable of assisting you with creating a Link Page on any other website you are using. If you need assistance with websites that do not reside on the Art Storefronts platform, we strongly encourage you to reach out to their support personnel.


If you would like to learn how to create a link page, please follow the directions below.  


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and click on the button labeled +Add Page.


  2. In the name section, provide your new page with a Name. Remember that this is visible to your customers so you want to make sure it is spelled properly and matches the rest of the naming conventions used on your website.


  3. In the section labeled Type of Page, you must be sure you select the option labeled Link. If you choose any other page type this feature will not work properly.


  4. Once you have given your page a name and you are sure you have chosen the appropriate Type of Page, you may click Create.


  5. You will then be taken to a new page with a confirmation message that the Link Page was created. If you want to learn about adding a link to this page or editing it, please see How To: Edit a Link Page.

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