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How To: Set up as a Payment Method

Follow is a payment gateway that is available for use on the Art Storefronts platform. This gateway allows your customers to use credit cards when checking out on your site. Generally, we recommend using Stripe, but may be a better option for those ASF users who are outside of the US or Canada.


  1. Navigate to and click on Sign In.


  2. Choose Merchant.


  3. Under Login ID, enter your username and password then click on Login.


  4. If this is a brand new account, upon logging in, you might be presented with the remaining Account Configuration Steps.


  5. Set your account to the Live mode so that you can run live transactions.

  6. Click on the option labeled Settings.


  7. Click on API Credentials & Keys.


  8. On the next page, find the item labeled API Login ID and copy it for later.


  9. Put a dot next to the option labeled New Transaction Key.


  10. Click Submit.


  11. You will be taken to a new page with the Secret Key (Current Transaction Key). Copy it.


  12. Navigate to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and click on the tab labeled Info & Settings.


  13. Click on the tab labeled Shopping Cart.


  14. In the section labeled Choose Your Merchant, from the dropdown, select
  15. In the section labeled API Log In ID, enter the Log In ID we copied from in Step 8.


  16. In the Transaction Key section, enter in the new key we just generated in Step 11.


  17. Click Save and will be ready for use on your site!



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