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How To: Set Up PayPal Express as a Payment Method


Art Storefronts strives to offer as many payment methods as possible, and this article will explain how to set up your site to accept payment for orders using Paypal Express.

Note: In order to accept payments using Paypal Express, you must have a business Paypal account. Paypal Express will not work with personal Paypal accounts.

Although our recommended payment processor is still Stripe, using PayPal Express can also be a convenient option for your customers. Please follow these instructions to set this up.

  1. Navigate to and log in to your PayPal account.

  2. Once logged in, find the section click on the Gear icon on the upper right of the PayPal page, next to the Log out button. A dropdown should appear from the link. Please choose Account Settings.

  3. You will now be on your Settings page.

  4. Scroll down until you find the Website payments link near the bottom of the option list on the left side of the page and click on this.


  5. On this page find the API access section and click on the Update link.


  6. Scroll to the NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) section, and click on Manage API credentials link.


  7. Select Request API signature, and click on Agree and Submit.


  8. Now you will see the three settings which you will need to set up on your site. Click on the Show icon next to API Username, API Password and Signature.
  9. This will display the three fields which you will need to copy.
  10. Now open your Site Manager, and click on Site Settings.
  11. Now click on Shopping Cart.
  12. Scroll down to the Paypal Express section on this page, and enable the Available? option to switch on Paypal as a valid payment method. Copy and paste each of the API fields from the Paypal site, and once you have filled out all three fields click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your settings.
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