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How To: Offer Limited Editions


Limited Editions are a limited set of products that have additional value to them. The additional value could be a signature, a number or a premium media type not offered through regular Print-On-Demand service.

Offering Limited Editions, as an Artist, is a common part of generating art sales online and most Artists like to sell these types of items for interested parties. Because of this, Art Storefronts has implemented a feature that is specific to selling Limited Edition Products via a Standard Store on the platform. While this is mainly directed toward Artists or Galleries, Print Studios also can sell Limited Editions if they so choose.


If you want to learn how to offer Limited Editions on your Art Storefronts site, please follow the directions below.



  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on the Standard Store you want to work in. We will be working in the Standard Store titled Shop Standard Products.

    Tip: Standard Stores are the best place to sell your Limited Editions. You’ll be able to add multiple images of the Limited Edition and have control over the number of Limited Editions you can sell without having to manually keep count of them.

  2. Once you have been taken to your Standard Store, you will need to scroll down and click on the button labeled Add Product. This button allows you to add new products to your Standard Store.


  3. You’re going to be taken to a new page where you will see a drop-down menu. In that menu, there is an option labeled Limited Editions. You’ll need to make sure and select this specific option if you are selling Limited Editions.

    Please Note: Limited Editions are subject to Transaction Fees.


  4. On the same page, you’ll see a box labeled Name. In this box, you’ll need to enter in a name for your Limited Edition. Keep in mind your customer will see this name so it is prudent to make sure the name is simple and that it includes Limited Edition.

  5. The Last field here is "How many Products do you want to create?" Here, you can specify how many different Limited Edition Products you'd like to create. This is not to be confused with the quantity of one specific product, as this option is determined per product individually. 

  6. Once you’ve completed both of those forms you will need to click on the button labeled Save.


  7. After you’ve clicked the Save button, you’ll be taken to another new page. This is the actual Limited Edition You should make sure, before anything else, that you are on the tab labeled Info. This tab will allow you to work on the basics of your Limited Edition.


  8. After making sure you are on the tab labeled Info, you can scroll down and the first box you will see is labeled Name. In this box, you can change the name of your Limited Edition at any point in time. Remember that your customer does see this name.


  9. Next, there’s a section labeled Quantity. This box is where you can set the number of Limited Editions you have available for sell. As customers buy Limited Editions this counter will automatically adjust the quantity left in stock. When there are no Limited Editions left it will show as Sold on the website. 

    Please Note: For Limited Editions, this field will always default to 100. If you do not have 100 Limited Editions available for sale, you will need to make sure to change this number.


  10. Then, we have the section labeled Artist Name. Here you can enter in the name of the Artist who created the Limited Edition. This will appear on your website.


  11. The Item Code section is up next. This is not a required field and it will not be seen on your website by customers. This can be used for things like SKU numbers or internal information that you simply do not want your customers to see.


  12. We’ve got the section labeled Wall Preview Size Controls up next. The first option listed is Quantity of Wall Preview Sizes and you are given a drop-down menu where you can choose whether you want to offer a single size for your Limited Edition or Multiple Sizes for your Limited Editions.

    Please Note: If you choose Multiple Sizes, there will be further work involved. You will have to create a Product Option for your Limited Edition. If you want more information regarding this feature, please review our article How To: Offer Multiple Sizes for a Product in a Standard Store.


  13. Because this is a Limited Edition, we chose the single Size option and in the next box, labeled Single Size, you will need to enter in the size that you will be offering the Limited Edition

    Tip: All sizes entered on the ASF platform need to be in a Width x Height format.

  14. After that, there’s a box labeled Short Description where you can enter a brief description of the Limited Edition. You can enter in information like what type of medium and implements you used to create the original product.


  15. Then, we have a box labeled Long Description. This is where you’ll want to enter a longer description regarding your image. We suggest using phrases and explanations here that evoke an emotional response from our customer. This may aid you in getting more conversions (read: sales).


  16. Price is the next box you will see. Here you can enter in the cost for the Limited Edition. You need to make sure that the price you enter here does not include a dollar sign or other special characters.

    Tip: You can change this price at any point in time.


  17. Search Keywords is the next box. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME AS META KEYWORDS. THESE KEYWORDS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH APPEARING IN GOOGLE SEARCHES. These keywords are used specifically to make sure your Limited Editions appear in your ASF site Search and in your Product Galleries.

    Please Note: For more information on how to use Search Keywords to make sure you Limited Editions show up in Product Galleries on your home page, please review our article [Master Article][For All Artists and Galleries] How To: Set Up you Home Page as a Gallery of Subject Matter Categories.


  18. Shipping Weight is the next box available. If you are charging for shipping based on weight, you will need to use this box. You will have to enter in a weight, but you need to make sure you are not using anything other than numbers in this box. You cannot us abbreviations like lbs or kg.

    Please Note: If you need more information about setting up Shipping, you can review our article How To: Set Up Shipping Prices by Weight.


  19. The final item is labeled Add Photo. You can use this button to upload images of the Limited Edition that you are selling. We recommend only using 3-5 images. Anything larger may slow your site down.

    Please Note: You may only upload images up to 20mb. Anything larger will not upload.


  20. Once you’ve filled out everything you need to click the button labeled Save. DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON. If you click the back button you will lose all the changes you just made.




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