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How To: Implement Affiliate Tracking Variables


This article covers the variables that Art Storefronts has surfaced on the "Order Confirmation" and "Thank You" pages that will allow you to track sales via most affiliate tracking software. This is an advanced function and requires codes or coding to function. Please be aware that our technical staff do not write code and cannot assist with anything outside of what is listed in this article. 


Warning: These variables are very specific in nature and cannot be altered. Our Technical Support Staff cannot troubleshoot 3rd party code issues (such as affiliate tracking software that isn't accepting the variables below), however, if the variables are providing incorrect information (such as $0.00 transaction amount) this is something we can look into, and work with our development team to correct.

We have a reference article which lists the variable names currently available for Javascript tracking. You can access this article here: 
Reference: System Variables for use in Conversion and Affiliate Tracking

If you'd like to learn how to implement affiliate tracking variables, please follow the directions below. 


  1. Once you have retrieved your tracking code from your affiliate or Google Analytics Account, you can insert the above variables into the correct placeholders. The example below is a code from Share-a-Sale, your code may vary from the one displayed:

    <img src="[AMOUNTOFSALE]&tracking=[TRACKINGNUMBER]&transtype=[TYPEOFTRANSACTION]&merchantID=#####" width="1" height="1">

  2. After we select from the variables from the reference article above and insert them into the above tracking pixel, the code will appear as follows: 

    <img src="{{ order.subtotal_after_discount }}&tracking={{ }}&transtype=sale&merchantID=######" width="1" height="1">

  3. Once the code has been filled in with the correct variables as the example above, you will then go to your Site Manager and click on the INFO & SETTINGS tab. 


  4. You will then click SCRIPTS in the sub-navigation. 
    Warning: If you already have scripts in this area, DO NOT DELETE THEM unless you are absolutely sure you no longer need them. Any scripts put into this area are considered 3rd party code, and if these codes break your website in some way, all our technical support staff can do is remove the code for you. We cannot troubleshoot broken or incomplete code issues. 


  5. Click on KEY CONVERSION EVENTS in the sub-navigation menu. 


  6. Once this page has loaded, you will need to place your code in either the Success Page: <head> or Success Page: <body> boxes. Your affiliate software will instruct you on which box to place your code in. In this example, Share-A-Sale requires the code to be placed in the Success Page: <body> box. 


  7. Once you have inserted to code into the proper box, you will then click Save in the bottom right-hand corner and your code will automatically start sending data back to your affiliate software as soon as sales start coming through! 






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