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How To: Create an Anchor Using Text Via the Standard Editor



Creating an Anchor is a useful way to help your customers navigate through the information you’ve entered in your Standard Editor. This is useful for making FAQ lists as it allows the customer to click on the anchored text and they are then transported to the section of the document that pertains to a specific anchor.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on the page where you want to begin creating your Anchors. We’ll be using the page titled Shop Art.


  2. Scroll down to the box labeled Lead Content and type in the text that you want customers to click on to take them to a different part of the page. “Today we’re making anchors” will be the text we use for this example.


  3. First, we need to highlight the “Today we’re making anchors” text.


  4. Click on the button that looks like a piece of chain. This is the Link button.


  5. In the URL box, enter in the # sign and then (WITHOUT ANY SPACES) what you want to name the Anchor. We are going to name our Anchor1.


  6. Then, click the OK.


  7. Scroll down to the box labeled Ending Content (or scroll down in the Lead Content box) and enter the text that you want customers to be taken out. “This is where I need the anchor to link to” is the text we’re using in our example.


  8. Highlight your Anchor text. 


  9. Click on the button that looks like a Flag. This is the Anchor button. 


  10. In the box labeled Anchor name, enter in the same Anchor Name that you used in your link, but DO NOT include the # Anchor1 was the name we used in our link.


  11. Click the OK.


  12. Click the Save button to save all the changes you just made. DO NOT CLICK ON THE BACK BUTTON. This will erase all the changes you made and you’ll have to redo all of your work. After the page is saved your Anchors will be active and working properly.



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