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How To: Customize Tabs On Art Print Product Pages


When setting up your Art Print Store, you might find you need to change the option names that show up on the tabs on your product page for things such as selecting the Medium, Size, or other options. This article will show you how you can modify these options.


  1. Log in to your Site Manager and click on the Art Print Store you want to work in. Today we will be working in the one named Warehouse.


  2. After clicking on your preferred Art Print Store (for new sites, the default name is Warehouse), look at the tabs in light grey and find the one labeled Personalize and click on it. This is going to be the tab that allows us to edit the Product Text.


  3. There are several groups of options for the different tab types, covering the name of the option and the tooltip that is displayed when you mouse over it. The first group covers the options for selecting the Medium and the Size of the print. You can change the text which is displayed by changing the contents of the Text fields, and the text displayed when you mouse over the name of the option is contained in the Tooltip field.

  4. The next group of options covers specific labels for options that are displayed under the third tab, for items such as canvas options, and other options. You'll rarely need to change these.

  5. Next are the sections for Styles and (if you have them enabled) Frames.

  6. The next section covers these two elements which appear on the last section before you add a product to the card.

  7. This section is for the shopping cart icon which appears on the page before you add the open product to your cart. You shouldn't change these values.
  8. The last section is for controlling the name that shows up for connected products attached to an art print. In this section, you’ll see text boxes for each of the type of products, and you can edit the text for each of those product types.
    Tip: If you want to enter a line break between words for any of the products, you can use <br/>.


  9. Once you are happy with the changes you made, click on the Save button and your changes should show up on your live site.

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